When Should You Hire a Partner Agent?


When should you hire a partner agent? One of the top real estate questions we get asked is whether it’s worth partnering with another realtor to advertise your property. 

Partner agents are the best way to go when you want someone on your side during all stages of buying or selling a home. They’ll take care of everything, from making sure paperwork gets filed in time with city requirements and inspections happen seamlessly without any hiccups – right up until they sign-off after closing day. Here’s our opinion on why hiring these experts can be so beneficial:   

Pricing your home:

A partner agent will have access to properties in your area and can provide you with pricing information. They also know how important it is that the buyer likes where they live, so an expert on their team will make sure everything falls into place.

To improve the visibility of your properties:

If your goal is to increase the visibility of your property, hiring a partner agent can be beneficial. A good part about having one in this industry is the connections and knowledge that they have on hand when it comes time for their help to sell homes faster than any other realtor out there.

Using traditional methods such as advertising in newspapers or giving flyers might work well enough. There are many ways for these professionals to make sure potential buyers are aware of every aspect involved. Especially around their expertise, such as pulling lists from databases and monitoring interest within certain periods.

Easy home view:

Handing over the keys to a partner agent can be helpful when you want someone else to show your home without being there yourself. However, before doing this make sure that all personal belongings have been removed from inside so as not to affect future sales or rentals for other tenants in need.

Negotiations with buyers:

Having been on the market for a long time, partner agents know how to negotiate with a home buyer to sell quickly over a considerable range. Home sellers do not always perform well with the intricacies of the real estate market, which can lead to unexpected losses. A partner agent knows what to say to attract buyers at a price that you have asked for and retains his margin.

Carrying out paperwork:

Usually, if a partner agent is in place, documents can be handled when a transaction is made. They are well qualified in the laws governing sales. You can leave it to them to change the registration name, pay the stamp duty and handle the taxes on your behalf.